The term given these substances initially was vitamine (vita meaning life). When it was later realized that most vitamins aren’t amines, the e on vitamine was dropped. At first, vitamins have been named using letters, like vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Later, chemical evaluation confirmed that what had been regarded as one chemical was truly two or extra. So sub-numerals have been used like vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2.

Ultraviolet gentle, together with daylight, can rapidly destroy riboflavin. That’s why milk is stored in opaque plastic or cardboard containers, not clear glass. The finest food sources of thiamin embrace pork, peas, liver, and wheat germ. Good sources embrace whole-grain and enriched grain products, such as bread, rice, pasta, tortillas, and fortified cereals. Fair sources embody pineapple, citrus fruits, milk, spinach, tomatoes, bananas, beans, nuts, seeds, and peanuts.

A simple approach to add calcium to many meals is to add a single tablespoon of nonfat powdered milk, which incorporates about 50 mg of calcium. It is straightforward to add a couple of tablespoons to nearly any recipe. Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need – specifically pregnant women, new moms, and children underneath 5 – acquire entry to life altering vitamins and minerals. Good sources include eggs, liver, yeast breads, cereals, chocolate, peanuts, cauliflower, nuts, peas, and mushrooms. Biotin is also produced by the bacteria naturally found in the intestines.

  • Your body needs meals and water to stay alive, but it also needs vitamins to work properly.
  • By following the Dietary Guidelines, you’ll get sufficient of most of those vitamins from food.

Some vitamins are additionally named primarily based on the ailments they cure. Dried fruits are high in natural sugars, so limit your serving dimension to 1 handful a day. Dried Fruits are a great source of four out of 14 important vitamins. Tropical Fruits a good source of four out of 14 essential vitamins. Butternut Squash is a good supply of four out of 14 essential vitamins.

The greatest meals sources of folic acid embody liver, and inexperienced leafy vegetables. Good sources embody lima beans, asparagus, broccoli, nuts, complete grains, fortified bread, rice, macaroni, noodles, cereals, oranges and orange juice, and lentils. The greatest meals sources of riboflavin include liver, milk, cottage cheese and other dairy products. Fair sources are whole grains, enriched grains, inexperienced leafy vegetables, asparagus, broccoli, beans, and peas.