Brand value denotes the financial value of the brand or company, it can impact the profit and market positioning. In simple words, it is the worth of the brands in the customer’s mind which recommends individuals to spend money. Companies build trust and earn a reputable position in the market and then outshine. There are personal care brands that are reviewed on Collected.Reviews.

Personal care means protecting personal appearance from dirt and taking care of personal hygiene, skincare and bed changing, etc. Self-care is essential to protect yourself from harmful viruses and illnesses caused due to unclean hands and body. Personal care brands have introduced a wide variety of products to spread the message that personal hygiene and protection is important.

A huge number of personal care brands are fulfilling customer’s needs and earning profit. Every brand uses different tactics and techniques to catch and maintain the attention of customers. Brands that stay in the mind of consumers because of their superior product offerings not only gain loyal customers. They also get a significant position in the market and become able to generate more revenue. Personal care brands are doing business globally and ensuring product accessibility and availability in all cultures and nations.

The top five leading personal care brands are Loreal Paris, Gillette, Nivea, Estee Lauder, and Clinique. Well- defined and well-conveyed purpose attracts customers, the brand value of leading personal care brands worldwide is highlighted below:

Loreal Paris:

Loreal Paris is a famous personal care company situated in Clichy, France, and has a brand value rate of 11.75 billion US dollars. The company divided its product range into makeup, skincare, hair color, hair care, and hairstyle sections. The main aim of the company is to provide personal care products at affordable prices and help people to look beautiful.


Gillette is an American company with a brand value of 8.48 billion US dollars. The company is owned by the proctor and gamble. The company follows the perception that when the company can’t serve better through making good razors, they will stop the process. Gillette razors ensure men’s safety and grant them freedom from ordinary razors.


Nivea is a German personal care brand value of 7.39 US dollars and deals with body care products. The brand is famous for providing qualitative skin care products to consumers of all skin types and is ruling the world since l911.

Estee Lauder:

Estee Lauder is an American beauty product, skincare, and makeup company and has a brand value worth 6.29 billion US dollars. The company also deals with fragrances and hair care products.


Clinique is an American brand with a brand worth 6.22 billion US dollars and offers toiletries, skincare products, fragrances, and cosmetics. Their products are mostly available and sold in inexpensive and rich departmental stores. Estee Lauder is the parent organization of Clinique. The brand does not use harmful and irritating ingredients in its products.

All these brands are considered the best because they emphasize three trust-building principles, exemplary service, an incredible experience. Brand identity is truly and strongly endorsed through appealing brand messages and unique characteristics of the brand.