In the cold times we’re currently living in, your skin might feel a bit flakey and dry. If that is the case, and you haven’t started doing a proper skincare routine yet, this is your sign to start one and take care of your skin. Bad skin can make some of us feel very insecure, and what better way to try and get rid of your bad skin than by having a skincare routine with good and helpful skincare products. But what things should you look for when looking for skincare products for your skin type?

Dry skin

Most of us suffer from very dry skin in fall and winter times, that is something totally normal. However it does mean you should start using moisturising products that are best for dry skin. For example, palm oil products work very nourishing and moisturising. And because it’s an oil, it creates a kind of barrier around your face that helps against drying out because of the weather. Palm oil is also very good for your lips when you suffer from dry lips. Palm oil products are also very good for your hair when it comes to dryness.

Combination skin

Combination skin means that you have some dry spots, some neutral spots and some more oily spots. This is the type of skin a lot of people have most of the time. It’s very much possible for you to have this type of skin in the winter. When it becomes winter, your skin can try and work harder to keep itself moisturised, and in some spots that leads to a greasy feeling skin and in other spots it stays more neutral because that spot might have been dry. Products with hyaluronic acid work really well for this skin type. It moisturises without making the greasy spots worse.

Oily skin

When it comes to greasy skin you might also suffer from acne of some sorts. This is however not fully dependent on your skin type. The best product for this type of skin is a product that exfoliates to slightly ‘calm’ the skin. Also skin toners work really well when it comes to calming the skin a bit because these often contain a certain amount of alcohol which dries out the skin slightly. And also, products containing niacinamide and retinoids work very well. These tend to be pretty aggressive ingredients if used incorrectly so be aware. And also, cleaning your skin properly with a good cleanser works wonders.