Immunity is needed so that it is not susceptible to various diseases. Infection can easily attack the body with a fairly weak immune system. Immune disorders can cause disease problems ranging from mild to severe. Factors that can Cause Weak Resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to know the signs of immunity or weakened immunity to increase the body’s immune system again. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the stability of a person’s immune system because it is caused by changes in weather, irregular eating patterns, and a bad lifestyle often affects the decreased endurance. During the rainy season, the body is vulnerable to disease threats. When the body’s defense system is weakened, things can be done to prevent germs from developing. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the signs of a weakened immune system.

Factors that can Cause Weak Resistance

Mild fever

The condition of low-grade fever can be a sign that the body’s immune system is weak. A body temperature that is higher than normal means that the immune system is working hard. This could be due to an infection.

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Tingling sensation

Almost everyone may have experienced pins and needles. However, if you often feel tingling, this needs to be watched out for and should not be underestimated because this can be a sign of a weak immune system. This can also be a sign that the body is attacking the nerves that are sending signals to the muscles. Such events can occur in someone who has a syndrome called Guillain-Barre.


A weakened immune system will cause the body to experience several disorders, such as frequent stomach aches, decreased appetite, and so on. Feeling tired is a sign that the body is experiencing weak immunity. Decreased appetite is also one of the signs of a weak immune system.

Digestive problems

It’s not uncommon for everyone to experience digestive problems. Good digestion indicates that the body is working properly. However, if the opposite is true, this can be a sign that the body’s immunity is not stable. When we feel stomach acid, diarrhea, or constipation, this needs to be addressed immediately. What needs to be done is to improve the lifestyle so that the immune system is not susceptible to disease and begins to stabilize again. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet will help the recovery process in dealing with digestive problems.


Everyone is easy to experience stress, but of course, the levels vary. The work that is piling up and seems not to be done can be a factor in the decreased immune system. However, stress as much as possible should not be left too long because it can interfere with the immune system or immune system. Lymphocyte production will decrease if you feel prolonged stress. If lymphocytes decrease, this can affect health. The body will easily feel weak and weak. Therefore, as much as possible avoid the disease, excessive stress can also be a sign of a weak immune system.

Lack of sleep

Perhaps most people do not realize when they are sleeping that the cells in the blood work to fight infection. Sometimes when I do tasks I forget time and sacrifice rest time by staying up late. Our bodies should only need 6-8 hours of rest a day. Thus, lack of sleep can cause the body to drop.