I don’t think many people have heard of this. It’s a glass sort called miron glass. Miron glass is a semi-new way of sustainable living, and adding to that it’s also product preserving. What is miron glass, what is so special about it, and what is it mostly used for? You’ll read all of this in this text, maybe it’s the newest addition in your house.

What is miron glass?

Miron glass is a dark coloured glass, mostly used for packaging things. The glass is coloured black, and looks purple when a small amount of uv light hits it. For that reason it is also often called ‘MIRON violetglass’, because it gets that beautiful violet colour when the light hits it.

Miron glass is also very beautiful looking. It doesn’t look messy, which, a see through regular glass jar or bottle might look a bit all over the place because you can see what is in there, the colour is of course very classy and sleek looking and that all together makes it a very good product!

What is so special about the miron glass?

Miron glass does have something else that makes it really special and better for your products as well. The dark colour of the glass works against direct sunlight which is well known for drying out many different products that you would usually store in see through or plastic packaging. The glass makes sure that the direct sunlight doesn’t get to the product, and does get the energizing light in there. Infrared lights are actually very good for your products because they energize organic molecules that can be found in your products. This makes your products last longer and that only works in your favor and that’s why it’s good to read it here!

What is it mostly used for?

It depends on what kind of products you want to preserve. You can make the jars into cosmetic jars and put some cosmetics in there, or you get a glass bottle with a pipette dropper for some skincare products. But even food can be stored in these, if you don’t want to dry your food out, which would usually be the case, these are an amazing solution! So I’d definitely recommend you take a look at this product and see if it might be something you’d be willing to get and use.It’s better for your products, it’s sustainable and it looks nice, who wouldn’t want that?